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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What is Hot and Not in Real Estate

Whether you are thinking about listing your home or considering the purchase of a foreclosure or condo while the prices are right, find out what's hot and what's not in Tampa real estate.

What's Hot

Personal Spa's & Big Bathrooms. As the economy tightens, people are spending less on spa treatment but still seeking stress relief. The solution is to create a personal retreat right in your very own home. Big bathrooms with personal spa accessories are in high demand but forget unsanitary water jets, today's big soaking tubs use sanitary bubble jets combined with chroma-therapy for an unforgettable experience. Comfort toilets, LED lighting, towel warmers and dry saunas are also high demand luxuries that feel like a million but don't necessarily cost a lot.

Eco-Friendly Yards. Fruit trees are back big-time as are low maintenance lawns. Xeriscaping with native shrubs and trees reduces water requirements and pesticides, fertilizers and other harmful chemicals. Large trees that help shade the house in summer (and reduce electric bills) are also in high demand...with the added benefit of making great natural compost. Outdoor sanctuaries that combine easy to maintain gardens with fire-pits, water and entertaining areas are rapidly displacing show-piece lawns.

Green Building Supplies. Tampa real estate has the advantage of year round wonderful weather so avoid toxic chemicals and expensive carpet replacement by purchasing bamboo wood flooring or ceramic tile instead. Low cost, incredibly easy to maintain and much easier on your health today's green building materials are as beautiful as they are sustainable. Other popular supplies include non-toxic paint, low EMF lighting solutions and natural insulation.

What's Not

Lawns. Pesticide, fertilizer, expensive water bills, costly lawn maintenance or machinery, pollution, noisy blowers and more are making lawns a thing of the past. As the nation turns toward environmentally friendly products, fewer people than ever are interested in pushing lawn mower or edger that causes 4 to 10 times the air pollution as an average family car! Blowers are a major source of noise pollution and also contribute to poor air quality. Pesticides, fertilizers and high water bills are not only bad for your health but terrible for the environment. Worst of all...homeowners are fed up with spending all their free time slaving to high maintenance lawns.

Carpet. More people than ever are switching to tile, wood, bamboo or other sustainable flooring solutions. Not only are they easier to maintain and durable but cost less in the long run since there is no need to replace every few years. Best of all, it is a fast way to improve the air quality in your home.

Incandescent Lighting. Even relatively newer homes may have been built with incandescent lighting fixtures - including recessing lighting. Not only are newer florescent and LED lighting alternatives more energy efficient but the bulbs last longer and look great.

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