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Friday, February 27, 2009

Unraveling The Stock Market Puzzle

I have been hunting around for the best places to invest my money for some years now. You see, I'm not an impulsive person. If anything, I am a little bit obsessive compulsive. I'm moreover a PhD. level student of mathematics. As such, I am interested in the mathematical reasons that underlie investment decisions. I'm also as interested in the mathematical basis behind stock market trends as I am with actually making money from them. Don't get me wrong, once I figure out what the best investments actually are, even if that means high risk stocks and shares, I will go out and make a killing. So it's not that I'm not that interested in making money, it is just that I have this innate desire to discover the underpinnings of the financial products that I am looking at, before I choose to invest in them. It's just the way my mind functions.

For sure, there is no one best spot to invest forever, however there are several reasonable ones. The finest place to invest your money depends on what you're aiming to do. You may perhaps invest in stocks for a variety of assorted reasons. And, if you do happen to get a hot tip, it might even be very sensible to invest in stocks. Though, I ought to point out that if you received some of those email hot tips that appear in a spam-like way in your inbox, just ignore them. The people who've sent them have only bought that stock themselves and are trying to get others to buy it too, after them, so that the share price rises and they can make a quick buck.

Anyway, what few people understand regarding the stock market is that the win-it-all or lose-it-all phenomenon is much rarer than the media makes it seem. Most people who invest in the stock market actually are fairly careful. They've usually placed a lot of cash into a stock, and are in it for the long term. They don't want to be reckless with their futures, so they make conservative investments.

My investigation of where are best places to invest demands me to come up with a definition of what "best" actually means. Since I'm a mathematician, I undertake to define it mathematically. The top spots to invest must possess a mishmash of characteristics. They must provide an investment opportunity that is money-making but, at the same time, as safe as possible. Usually, these attributes work in opposition.

For example, day trading on the stock market is extremely profitable if done right, but also really dangerous. Investing in land, on the other hand, may perhaps take a great deal longer to turn a profit however it tends to be much less risky. Hence, the overall best places to invest are a bit difficult to find. It is hard to find something that combines all of the favorable ingredients equally.

The most important thing to figure out is that the best spots to invest actually change from day to day. One week, the securities market may be in top condition. The next week, it might be the real-estate market. The finest places to invest money in the short-term change weekly, sometimes daily. And even the value of long term investments is subject to frequent change. It has to be said that if you want to invest your money wisely, you really need to do your homework.

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