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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How to Find a Realtor

How to find a Realtor? This is one of the first 10 questions going round and round in your head when trying to close the perfect deal in a real estate business. Finding a good, experienced broker, or real estate agent is the number one rule for a successful real estate transaction. Many people find this objective a very difficult task, spending a lot of money just to get some "professional" advices regarding this matter. Is this really a solution? Do we like spending money on things we can do on our own? Well , actually yes we can. We can find a good Realtor, using our own abilities , without having to "buy" others advice.

First of all, let us understand the difference between a real estate agent and a Realtor. Realtors, are licensed professionals in this kind of business, belonging to the NAR( National Association of Realtors), enjoying every single facility this kind of job has to offer. On the other hand , real estate agents, or even brokers are not all Realtors, and some of them may not even own a license in the field.

How do we smell a Realtor in a garden of real estate agents? Simple, track the person's professional history just a bit. See how long has he/she been in the business, and what is his professional record? After getting this information, it should be pretty much clear who is who.

Moreover, try to contact ex-customers of his/her and ask them their personal opinion of the real estate transaction: are they happy with the deal? ; was it the right price?; did they buy it overpriced? A true Realtor does his best to satisfy his client, he must get involved in the transaction, as if he were the one buying it, he needs to analyze different possibilities, present them to the client, and also help him with his advices.

As far as finding one is concerned, the first solution would be the Internet. It provides entire lists of agents in web directories.

The second solution would be to attend some open houses, where you will be welcomed by real estate agents, getting the possibility to interact with them and get used to their methods of making you wish that house was yours. You also get the chance to see how buildings are evaluated and make an idea of how things work in real estate business. Do not hesitate to ask them every single detail related to their work.

If you happen to be in the neighborhood , take a closer look were the "For Sale" sign appears. This is the place where real estate agents wait for their clients.

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