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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Reliance Power IPO

The Reliance Power IPO has gained substantial prominence in the Indian financial market. The initial public offerings of Reliance Power are expected to be the highest revenue generating stocks in the Indian capital market.

Reliance Power IPO has been one of the most widely discussed issues in recent times. The initial public offering of Reliance Power is expected to yield the biggest ever fund in the capital market of the Indian Territory. The stockbrokers who are operating in Dalal Street are quite hopeful about the Reliance Power IPO.

Expectations about Reliance Power IPO

# The initial public offering of Reliance Power is expected to arrive in the market around the 3rd week of the month of January 2008.
# The price range of Reliance Power IPO is expected vary between the range of Rs.450 - Rs. 480 for each share of Rs.10.
# Anil Ambani Group is expecting to generate around $2- 2.5 billion by issuing the initial public offerings.
# With the Reliance Power IPO, the Anil Ambani Group is planning to offer around 10- 15 percent of the firm's share to the common people within the next few months.

More about Reliance Power IPO

# The IPOs of Reliance Power are supposed to come with 11.5 percent share in the draft of Anil Ambani Group in front of the regulator of market as fixed in the month of October 2007.
# The funds that would be raised through the Reliance Power's IPO will be utilized for a number of projects of the Anil Ambani Group.
# The Group has already selected some of the well-known financial advisors like Enam Financial, ICICI Securities, Kotak Mahindra and UBS for handling the various issues that may come up with the Reliance Power IPO.
# The initial public offering of Reliance Power is going to be the biggest of its kind from the Indian power sector.

Ratings of Reliance Power IPOs

ICRA, the leading credit rating agency in India, has ranked the Reliance Power IPO as Grade 4. This grading has further increased the expectations from the Reliance Power IPO. The ICRA grading has also been indicative of the advantages that are expected to come with Reliance Power IPO.

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