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Thursday, January 15, 2009

ATN International

ATN International Limited, based in India was incorporated as Arihant Consultants Private Limited in 1983. The company became a public limited company in 1987. ATN International dabbles in both fund-based as well as non fund-based business activities.

ATN International, India

Arihant Consultants Pvt Ltd was subsequently renamed as Arihant Credit Capital then as ATN Arihant International Ltd. Finally the company got its new name, ATN International Limited.

ATN went public in 1994. The idea was to garner resources for widening its capital base.

ATN International Limited's business activities include the following areas:

a. Merchant banking services
b. Mergers and amalgamations
c. Consultancy services
d. Corporate counseling

It may be noted that, ATN International is based in Kolkata. The focus of the company, at present is on Satellite TV Channels and Investment Banking.

Equity Shares of ATN International Limited are currently enlisted at BSE, NSE and CSE.

ATN International's Authorized Share Capital amounts to Rs. 40 crores. Paid-up Capital is to the tune of Rs. 15.78 crores.

SEBI conferred the 'category-I merchant banker' title to ATN International Limited in 1994.

After that, AIL (ATN International Limited) has successfully managed over 20 public / rights issues in the capacity of a lead manager. The company has also acted as a co-manager for several issues.

ATN International Limited has successfully commissioned a wind power plant (of 4.1-MW capacity) in Kayathar, Tamilnadu in 1994-95.

AIL aims to enter the arena of financial services. Some of the envisaged categories are described below:

a. Portfolio management
b. Bridge finance
c. Forex advisory services
d. Debt market trading
e. Hire-purchase
f. Securities
g. Bill discounting

ATN International Limited's channel is known as ATN WORLD. The company has Air time sharing pacts with companies like Cygnus Publications & Communications Pvt Ltd and Rainbow Productions.

AIL is a successful business venture with multiple interests. Primary among them being the Entertainment industry and the Electronic Media Software industry.

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