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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Real Estate Auction Tips

Understanding the rules of real estate auction will help you win the bid and save money. The spring selling is coming soon. So if you are interested in real estate investment, you must equip yourself with these powerful tips and knowledge.

On the day of auction, you must be there early to make the last minute inspection on your real estate property. Read the contract of sale and auction rules carefully. These contracts should be on the display for at least 30 minutes before the auction begins.

Here is an important tips to remember. If the real estate property is passed in below the reserve price, the agent of the property will first negotiate the highest bidder for the purchase of that real estate property.

The auctioneer may soon announces that the property is going to be passed in. It is a good strategy. The auctioneer want to make sure you are the highest bidder to secure the option to negotiate.

If the property has passed in, the auctioneer can not re-open the auction for the later bid. If you are securing the right to negotiate, how much time do you have with the owner?

It is all depending on whether you want to meet the owner’s price. In case you are not, the owner may end negotiations with you immediately and start negotiating with other people.

If you are not sure about real estate bidding auction, the reputable buyer’s agent may be for you.

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